Andrea Larossa Alba

Chef Andrea Larossa

Chef Andrea Larossa was born on August 26, 1980 in Verbania on Lake Maggiore, he grows up with a culinary culture linked to his mother's and Lucanian origins of Lazio, therefore made of genuine ingredients, strong flavors and the culture of good food and the joy of being at the table.

The passion is unleashed when, finding himself in the kitchen of a kitchen serving as a draft, he understands that the pleasure of eating is being added to the pleasure of being able to prepare it for others and this takes over until he pushes him to enter his first real kitchen and own that faces for a year as "learn a trade".

Realizing that this was his true passion, he began to gain experience before in various restaurants and trattorias between the provinces of Verbania and Novara, until then he was given the opportunity to enter the great kitchen of Carlo Cracco.

From that moment, Andrea developed the desire to be able to express his idea of ​​cooking, with his dishes, in his kitchen in a beautiful city.

And so after the Milanese experience he was sent to Alba where he landed at Locanda del Pilone where he defined the knowledge and techniques of the Langhe tradition combined with the Japanese culture of Chef Kondo.

He feels ready to become a chef and then a restaurateur, opens his restaurant in the center of Alba, calls him like the artisans of the past and expresses his concept through his dishes, and with the guide of the room and the menu of Patrizia wines, his partner.

The LAROSSA RESTAURANT and its red door are now a reality.