Andrea Larossa Alba

Cooking classes in Alba

In the heart of Alba you will have the opportunity to do i cooking courses in my restaurant with some gems of one Star chef.

My courses have as their first objective to give you the best tips and secrets to improve your bases and find more and more creative ideas.

Learn more about your culinary experience, here in Piedmont the agnolotti del Plin or the famous Tajarin of Alba are king.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to make pasta with some star chef's trick?

But not only: personalized courses by those who want to try their hand in the world of cooking or by those who want to deepen their skills. such as courses on meat, fish, leavened products, vegetables.

I can also advise you which products to buy to make your recipes and how to use the product in all its parts without wasting anything!

With my cooking classes you learn how to make a great dish from a poor raw material!

Learn to do the dishes just like I do when I prepare for my guests!

Courses can be individual as well as for small groups.

Cooking courses cutting-edge, innovative cooking techniques precisely because you will have the opportunity to get your hands in my restaurant kitchen.

The courses are for groups of maximum 4 people, with a duration of approximately 2 hours

Send me an email with all your requests and we will reply with all the details!